Re: Time=Life

Michael Butler (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 12:25:17 PST

So what kinds of diverse approaches do you folks when making time? I
know, this question is vague. Maybe a general response will lead to more
specific inquiry. Any personal suggestions or references to liturature
will be most appreciated.

I was going to write a long reply to this, when I realized I don't
have time right now. :)

Seriously, one excellent thing to try is to keep your to-dos in a
prune-able list right next to your calendar (assuming you keep a
schedule); then be brutal--periodically (weekly?) go down your list
of to-dos and either schedule a slice of time to _do_ each one, or
remove it from the list. That's a form of "making" time--committing

It can also be productive to assemble a circle of like-minded folks and
essentially bet each other about how many "A' priorities you'll get
done each week. At $1 (or $5 if you're a high roller) per missed
commitment, some people get motivated...

I'm currently in remission from tightly booked time, but I appear to
be turning into a manager, so I'll probably relapse shortly. :)

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