Constructed gender differences (was: Re: guidelines/ethics)

Jacob Costello (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 14:02:11 -0600 (CST)

> I didn't realize
> that there was any semblence of 'constructed gender differences' on this
> list; if such is true, then I truly don't understand what these differences
> are. Perhaps that is your point. As for overcoming such possible
> differences, I think a dose of *reality* would do the trick.
Perhaps we do not assume that someone merely conforms to societally
constructed differences, but rather come to a set of assumptions about
someone's attitudes towards their societally constructed role. For example,
it is too easy to assume that a woman who has rejected some aspect or another
of the role that society has offered her has rejected all aspects of what is
considered feminine.
In truth each of us has a complicated relationship to the
roles constructed for our gender, race, etc. I'll take myself as an example.
Consider two things that make up key parts of the roles society constructs for
the genders: what is done with recreation time and roles in interpersonal
relationships. As for recreation, I like doing many "guy" things, like
watching the Yankees play the Mariners, or sitting on a bass boat for endless
hours in the bitter cold, and other such inanity. (or insanity, if you
prefer.) But when it comes to the realm of interpersonal relationships I
prefer the more passive role that our society has traditionally deemed
Eliezer appears to have rejected some aspects of youthful masculinity.
What else can we automatically conclude from this, that is not on the surface?
Alas, nothing.

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