RE: Brin on Privacy

Romana Machado (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 10:57:28 -0800

>Face it, this is inevitable! Try to picture a future society filled with
>mature, self-confident grownups with ambitions but nothing to hide. Who's
>gonna skulk around encrypting then? Silly paranoics, that's who.
> Mr. Brin, are you
>>advocating *forcing* everyone to be public with every detail of their lives?
>>Or are you just hoping that everyone will see the sense you argue in not
>>having too much privacy and willingly avoid being secretive?
>I answered this above. In the short term, the paranoids and aynrandroids
>will win. But if I am right, maturity will prevail in the long run.

Like David Brin, I consider myself a pragmatist. My trust is earned because
it is too expensive to give away. Trusting in the maturity and self-respect
of others on such a sweeping scale is beyond me. I applaud Brin's ambition,
genrosity, and optimism.

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