RE: Vegetarianism and Ethics

David Musick (
Mon, 16 Dec 96 10:59:08 UT

Roderick A. Carder-Russell wrote, "Emotions serve a variety of functions and
are not the mystical entities that David Musick makes them out to be. He
states "How about feelings? Logic is not the only thing that drives us.",
giving the impression that he views feelings as something "beyond" logic and
reason and not subject to the same rules. If
I misinterpreted you David, I apologize..."

Hold on just a second here... That's not my quote. I never wrote "How about
feelings? Logic is not the only thing that drives us." That quote was from
Max M. Rasmussen, which he wrote in response to my query about whether it is
possible to develop a system of rational ethics. Just to set the record
straight (although it should have been unnecessary if *someone* would have
taken the time to read their e-mail carefully!), I don't make anything out to
be mystical; in fact, I have strong feelings against doing so. I prefer to
find logical reasons for everything and keep probing deeper, to understand how
things really are. I currently believe that emotions are of the same basic
nature that logic and rationality are; they are certain types of thinking.

- David Musick