Re: Who first used "extrope"

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Sun, 15 Dec 1996 14:03:37 -0700 (MST)

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>>>Who first used the verb "extrope"?
>>I'm the first one that I know about . . . . I can grep my old
>>Extropian archives, if you'd like, to verify.
>Thanks for the response, Amara. No need to verify; I'll take your word for
>it. I've already updated my web page to credit you (see the page on the
>story of Ex-Mass). I assume, BTW, that "extrope" is an intransitive verb. I
>extrope, you extrope, we extrope. Nobody, however, extropes another person
>or thing. Or do they?

If extrope is intransitive, than it doesn't need a direct object to complete
its meaning.

I wouldn't *need* to extrope anyone else to complete *my* meaning.

Yet, since I learn from others and our interactions can add significance to
my own values, I could extrope someone else and enjoy it (pending upon what
I am doing by extroping -:)
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