Re: Vegetarianism and Ethics

Chris Hind (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 00:50:06 -0800

>I am an extremely technical individual
>who is always trying to find a way to express myself, but very seldom
>succeeding because I can't seem to find the appropriate "artistic" means.
>It just so happens that she is an artist, and able to open me up to knew
>means of self-expression. In addition, she herself is not very
>technically minded, but is always asking questions. Teaching her from
>such a beginning level has forced me to look at what I do in new and
>creative ways in order to better show her. I have gained new insight into
>my own work that I wouldn't have normally attained had it not been for her
>inquiries. Just on a very simplistic level we are contributing to the
>betterment of each other.

>From what I've noticed, it appears that many relationships in my local area
of friends at least that one person is more engineer-like and the other is
more artistic. These opposites seem to attract more than any other
opposites I've seen.