Sat, 14 Dec 1996 02:18:03 -0500 (EST)

This post concerns time management: density measured as activities per
unit of time.

Currently I am studying biology (u-grad) while working part time in a
lab. Aside from guitar playing on study breaks and a few hours of
relaxation on a saturday night, all I do is study and work. I enjoy the
fact that the vast majority of my time is spent learning, both in my
studies and in the lab. However, there are countless other things worthy
of my time that I simply do not have time for.

What I ask of you hyper-productive transhumans out there is for some
insight as to how other people maximize their activity/time density.

There was a time when I was as motivated and productive as beer bottle
growing mold on a backwash-cigarette ash substrate. I've traveled light
years in a couple years, but the frontier of improvement is vast. In my
present situation, more effective studying is an ongoing project, but all
of my present activities are essential (I plan to eliminate eating and
sleeping as soon as its feasible to do so. Well, maybe veggie pizza and
a nap once a month just for fun!).

So what kinds of diverse approaches do you folks when making time? I
know, this question is vague. Maybe a general response will lead to more
specific inquiry. Any personal suggestions or references to liturature
will be most appreciated.

Maybe this will help get things rolling: Do you find it more productive
to complete one (or two...) tasks at once before moving on to the next,
or do you work on a number of things concurrently?. I suspect the latter
is more efficient.

Time = Life: I want more!


Michael Bowling