Re: techno music/kraftwerk
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:33:26 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, Jacob Costello wrote:

> While the subject of music is being discussed, are there any Rush fans out
> there?
> I must sheepishly admit their music had a significant impact on me; it
I recently purchased Rush's "Chronicles" compilation after years of
casual interset reached critical mass. I was pleased to find that for
the most part my interest was justified, and my intitiative rewarded with
with expertly crafted music. The later tracks on disc two become, well,
cheesey and lose their appeal. But over all its a good show. I
especially like "Freewill," "Tom Sawyer.," "New World Man has, IMO,
catiously optimistic overtones about technology and those who wield it--
proto-exptropian themes are always a plus! "Bluring the line between
Machine and Man" is my favorite line.

I too have a muscical interst that sparked what eventually evolved into my
affinity for extropian philosophy: Gary Numan. Remember "Cars?" I was
about 9 when that song hit the US. I probaly heard it on the radio five
times when it was new, then nothing until I found a used compilation ten
years later. I instantly loved it, but it was a year or two before it
really sank in. I wouldn't call Gary Numan's music extropic. In fact
some of it is down right emotionally destructive, and much of his
references to technology deal with its supposed alienating effects.

However, ther are exceptions to that rule, particularly some
instrumentals that are quite beatiful, with moogs in full effect. He
also employs some fretless bass at times that is quite captivating.

What Numan's music did for me is to intiate a intra-personal dialogue
about technology and human evolution that eventually lead me to this
list. One song in particular, "I Dream of Wires," was instrumental in
focusing my thoughts on Mankind's relationship with technology. I
really don't know what Gary meant by:

"I am the final silence
The last electrician alive
They called me 'the sparkle'
I was the best, I worked them all

"We opened doors by thinking
We went to sleep by dialing 'O'
We drove to work by proxy
I plugged my wife in, just for show...

So I press "C" for comfort
I dream of wires, the old days

New ways, new ways
I dream of wires"

Apparently, some future past is better than the coresponding future

I don't share many of Gary's ideas that I'm actully able to decifer,
but he still makes (made) beautiful sounds, and more importantly
they have lead me through an epic doorway in my own thinking.

Any other Numanoids out there, past or present?. As far as I know, I'm
the only person in North America who is aware of anything other than


Micheal Bowling