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> > But, do feelings and emotions not have a logical and reasonable
> > basis? Are they not designed to direct us towards goals? Procreation?
> > Self-preservation? Attainment of wealth? I maintain that emotions ARE
> > designed logically
> that's a contradiction in terms you say that emotions and logic is
> essential the same. You have just redesigned the english language.

Have I? That must have escaped me. First of all, your basic
assertion is incorrect. I did not state that emotions and logic are the
same thing. I stated that emotions have a logical and reasonable basis.
Secondly, even if I had, is the term "emotions" itself not a construction
of man? Language does not exist independently of us, we DO design it.
Consider the fact that the definition of emotion may be slightly
incorrect anyhow. Could we not ammend our vernacular? Of course we
could. Mind, this is not what I am doing, it's not what I said, but for
arguments sake...
100 years ago death meant something entirely different than it
does today, we are continuously updating and changing that definition. As
well as "life", "mind", "consciousness". Look up the definition of any of
these and tell me how many entries you find.

> > , just designed generally on an unconscious level hence
> > we are sometimes unable to see the reasoning behind them.
> You got a partner? What logic made you choose her?

Indeed I do, and when I first met her I will admit that I was
immensely attracted to her for reasons that were far beyond me. I
couldn't see any logical reason why I should be with her at all, except
for the fact that that is what I "felt" I should do. The act of falling
in love completely clouded my vision, but once I could step back and see
threw the mist I found reasons. I am an extremely technical individual
who is always trying to find a way to express myself, but very seldom
succeeding because I can't seem to find the appropriate "artistic" means.
It just so happens that she is an artist, and able to open me up to knew
means of self-expression. In addition, she herself is not very
technically minded, but is always asking questions. Teaching her from
such a beginning level has forced me to look at what I do in new and
creative ways in order to better show her. I have gained new insight into
my own work that I wouldn't have normally attained had it not been for her
inquiries. Just on a very simplistic level we are contributing to the
betterment of each other. I won't go into details about child-bearing and
food gathering...

> Most of the most important choices we make in life is guided by feeling.

Which is guided by reason.

BTW, I checked out your graphic novel today, it's very nice, my
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