Re: Music/Transhumanist art

max m (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 02:32:48 +0100

James Rogers wrote:

> Sigh...The good old days...

yeah to right you are. :)

> Yes and no. What operating system are you going to use on the SMP system?

i don't really care... :) something will come along. I waited 10 years
for something like the first Fairlight to come along at an affordable
price. I can probably wait 10 more years ;)

> NEW THOUGHT ON THE FLY: I think the reason digital audio timing for
> playback and recording is unaffected by preemptive multi-tasking is that the
> audio cards pre-buffer the data.

I use cubase 3.0 on a P1333 and i don't have any problems at all. (you
should have tried the stuff back in the goood old days when we where
using analog sync)
these days the life of a musician is everything peaches .... well
serious it's a joy to make music these days.

Max M Rasmussen