Re: Vegetarianism and Ethics

Chris Hind (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 00:56:50 -0800

>I was also thinking about the idea of farming humans to eat.

What was that movie called? Soilent Green? (sp?)

>Humans are
>expensive to feed, and they take several years to mature, but if someone
>really enjoyed human meat, is there anything wrong with farming them?

Yum, Yum!

>might say it's a waste of mental abilities and that the humans could be used
>for better things than food,

Sensual pleasures? Sounds like the stuff cheap sci-fi is made of.

>Hell, we could even lobotomize the ones we farm so they
>aren't so difficult to deal with. They would be our property, after all,
>we would be raising them for the purpose of being eaten.

Here is where I come in with my idea of a genengineered race of human
biological drones which would be custom designed for whatever purpose we
gave them and could possibly even put brain-computer interfaces in their
skull (there wouldn't be much brain to take up the skull cavity anyways)
and use these interfaces to operate these drones remotely. Of course there
would be multiple checks to prevent the possibility of an intelligent drone
slipping through the cracks and creating a revolution of some sort.

>In a goal-attainment
>sense, farming humans for food is not "wrong". But why does it feel wrong?

I wonder if this is how cannibal psychopaths feel? We use emotions to
sympathize with other animals which is our sense of "others". Its probably
closely linked to self-awareness. If you are absolute logic and zero
emotion, cannibalism wouldn't be a problem which brings up the interesting
question if emotion and consciousness are inseparable.

>Also, is there really anything "wrong" with enslaving women to bear children
>to raise for various purposes? If they are lobotomized, they will probably
>along with it willingly enough.

There are some that already are lobotomized by society or rather by peers.