Re: techno music <sigh>....

James Rogers (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 12:48:41 -0800

At 08:36 PM 12/12/96 +0100, you wrote:
>i wrote:
>>>In what way is it not 'quality' music ? It's produced well, it feels good,
>>>it works on a dancefloor and sells well!. I have none of their
>>>records, as they are not 'my cup of tea', but i try to remain as open minded
>>>toward music as i try to be to things in general. What is musical ? I assume
>>>you are not refering to the purely technical musical when you define
>>>'quality' as your choice of other (techno) bands are not on a higher level
>>>(bands which by the way i find more pleasing than ace of base). So you view
>>>quality in experimentalism, much like me, many others have different ways of
>>>looking at it. In its style/genre, Ace of Base IS quality music, i'd like to
>>>hear anyone can deny that without involving their personal taste in music.
>>>James Rogers <> wrote:
>>Selling well doesn't qualify music as "quality". I cringe when I think
>>about some of the music that has sold well over the years.
>as do i... but i've learned to live with it ;-)
>> I was defining
>>"quality" in a technical sense. I would submit that on a technical level
>>(musically), that Ace of Base is a very average band in its genre with few
>>outstanding features. I recognize that some of the music *I* like is
>>technically mediocre, and am fine with that. But I won't ever claim that it
>>is "quality" or "great" music simply because I like it.
>I think there are more approaches than just the 'musically technical' for
>how to define 'quality' music, innovation, experimentalism or just stuff
>that works, on a musical structure level, on an originality of sound level
>etc.. Some of the music you like, i would define as quality music, even
>though i wouldn't on a technical level. There's also a degree of relativity
>in judging music 'Ace of Base' was not only sold to a specifically dance
>music audience, to such an audience this music may have been very original,
>experimental and innovative. Look at it this way: Nitzer ebb is considered
>innovative by those who never heared of DAF... 'Quality' is a very relative
>and personal term. As to ace of base not being of superior quality, musical
>technically, i think most people will agree on that. But then again, i know
>a lot of musical technically high 'quality' music that lacks that quality in
>many other ways...

I believe we are generally in agreement. Our perspectives a little a
different, but the end result is the same.

-James Rogers