Re: The Singularity and the Impossible

Eliezer Yudkowsky (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 13:28:56 -0600

> 1) Faster than light travel is impossible.
> 2) Faster than light signaling can not be done.
> 3) We can never communicate with the past.
> 4) Inertia-less space drive would violate today's physics and tomorrow's too.
Can the laws of physics be altered? How do *you* know?
> 5) Spinning super conductive disks will never create an anti-gravity effect.
Neither will sacrifices of goat cheese and ketchup.
> 6) Picotechnology is impossible because structures would not be rigid.
Wrong. Rigidity is the last refuge of the computationally
> 7) An advanced extraterrestrial civilization will never be discovered.
Seems likely. If they existed, they'd have had their own Singularity
and shown up by now. See 1 & 2.
> 8) A Quantum Computer will not be made in the next 15 years.
Just plain wrong. Why not?
> 9) A Quantum Computer will never be made.
See above.

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