Re: A New Paradox

Sean Hastings (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 15:02:42 -0600

Richard Brodie wrote:

> To me, the interesting part of this puzzle is that people are so quick
> to believe that such a super-powered bring could exist despite any
> experimental evidence in the history of the study of "psychic"
> phenomena. The puzzle starts by asking us to assume the existence of an
> incredible being. Then why are we surprised when the conclusion violates
> our rock-solid model of causality?

All this paradox describes is that if your actions are 100% predictable
then the choices you make are irrevelevent. If Omega knows what you are
going to do, then your free will is an illusion.

Just take the box with the $1000 in it, or take neither. Whatever you
do don't take an action which will prove you have no free will. It may
just be an illusion, but it's my illusion, and I'm not letting anyone
take it away from me without a fight.

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