Re: techno music/kraftwerk
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 12:37:25 +0000

Rush has been a significant source of inspiration for me as well.
And I think Peart is one of the world's greatest poets. Their early
releases were good (at least the ones after Peart joined the band),
but I especially like their work after their talents matured a bit.
"Permanent Waves" was the first Rush album that really impressed me
with it's philosophical lyrics. Their albums continued to get even
better from that point onward. As with Yes and Pink Floyd, their
latter work stands as a testament to the value of having >2 decades
of experience in their art. Especially for those artists who were
very good to begin with.

> From: (Jacob Costello)
> While the subject of music is being discussed, are there any Rush fans out
> there?
> I must sheepishly admit their music had a significant impact on me; it
> certainly helped me discover extropic values. I was trapped in a passive
> Xtian mentality. I was even getting to the point of being good at rationlizing
> it.
> Then I discover this cool band that sings about the most "outrageous" things:
> personal responsibility, rationality, etc. In mindless suburbia, it was like a
> revelation, however mild it might seem now.
> Anyway, just wondering...
William Kitchen

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