re: The Point of No Return

J de Lyser (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 02:07:21 +0100

"David Musick" <> wrote

> What I am wondering about is if there is such a
>"point of no return" for advanced intelligent life, such as ourselves. Is
>there a level of advancement beyond which highly intelligent life is
>impossible to destroy? Right now, we are vulnerable. Can we ever move beyond
>that? Is such a state of invincibility even possible?

Is it possible to keep your house from being broken into ? I think not, yet
still we lock our doors and try as much as possible (and efficient) to avoid
that risk...

Are we trying as much as efficiently possible, to avoid the risk of our
culture being wiped out by a major catastrophic event ? I'm, not so sure
about that one.

J. de Lyser