Re: Beyond The Beyond

Chris Hind (
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 22:31:07 -0800

>I must protest *strongly* against this line of thinking. Although the
>content can be pretty much free-form, THE SOFTWARE MUST ADHERE TO STRICT,
>ORGANIZED, TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. Without a solid, capable software
>substrate to orchestrate the environment and resources, the operation of the
>world itself will be chaotic and unreliable. All inter-user communications
>should be done using communications facilities and resources built into the

Remember he meantioned that we should build stuff out of off the shelf
tools so that we remain compatable with each other.

>Your "3D IRC chatchannel" is a perfect example.

This is whats wrong with software such as WorldsChat or WorldsAway is that
the chat environments are completely incompatable with each other.

>I am not motivated by either artistic or financial incentives. I am
>motivated because it is an opportunity to do something groundbreaking and
>interesting. There are many different aspects to this project. Sure, we
>may all want to do our own thing, but if we have the same general goal then
>we can still accomplish something. And as I have mentioned before, *IF* we
>accomplish what we have been discussing, there is a significant possibility
>that it could have significant financial rewards in the future.

Quite possibly true. Sell tickets to visit the alife carnival and watch
them do tricks :)

>It will probably require a powerful TCP/IP server engine coupled with a some
>type of small, fast database engine. A number of communications and
>interaction APIs will have to be built into the system to allow users to
>build their own (Java?) software modules so that they can add their own
>functionality and designs to the world without inadvertently hindering or
>damaging the system.
>The entire world can then be built on top of this World engine. What you do
>and put in the world is completely up to the user in any fashion the user
>chooses. The software must be a carefully detailed architecture, but the
world does
>not have to be.

Stick to evolving VRML standards.

>All the technologies used will be off-the-shelf: Java, C/C++, TCP/IP, HTML,
>VRML, etc. However, we may be forced to use these technologies in new and
novel ways.
>As I mentioned above, this project will almost surely require a custom
>server engine.

This will not be centralized. It will be ALL OVER the net! Even in personal
FTP sites. People will place their .WLD VRML files on their personal FTP
sites and people will teleport to them using teleporters from other
transhuman/extropian realms. If the # of people accessing these WLD files
grow, we can then move it to a server but by that time, bandwidth will be
faster and data transfer rate per month restrictions for personal websites
will be raised due to faster bandwidth. Remember, USR 56kbps modems over
standard telco lines come out in JAN 97!!

>If this project was so simple, someone would have done it

No because most people don't know how to use VRML tools or have machines
fast enough to run VRML smoothly as well as time and effort.

>I disagree. The timeframe, depending on individual involvement, is
>something more around a year. And the appropriate technologies are
>currently available. Most of these technologies *are* considered bleeding
>edge, but that should really be an incentive more than anything. IF we were
>the first people to successfully mature and develop these technologies, it
>would not only generate a lot of media coverage,

Great way to spread memes too.

>but it could be very
>profitable as well. It would be extremely likely that other companies would
>want us to use our techniques and technologies to develop worlds for them.

Which is where the $$$ come in.