WEB: Yahoo/Firefly Website recommendation service

Alexander Chislenko (alexc@firefly.net)
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 19:05:39 -0500

Firefly Network Inc. has just launched a public beta of our website
recommendation service on My Yahoo! This service is the result of a
partnership between Yahoo! Inc. and Firefly Network, Inc. in application
of Automated Collaborative Filtering (ACF) technology to the Web.
It allows users to find Websites that they are most likely to find of
interest, to find like-minded people, and otherwise help the user navigate
the vast domain of sites and people in an intelligent and personalized way.

To access the service, please go to <http://my.yahoo.com/> and then click
on Firefly button (top right).

The recommendation system draws its intelligence from users' ratings.
At this point, the database is still small, so you may not get
recommendations in all categories and the ones you get may not be optimal.
However, as the system collects more ratings and learns more about your
personal preferences, you will notice better and better performance.

Your ratings will be included into the initial rating database and will
help shape experience of many people who will come to the system after you,
so please be considerate rating sites.

If you have any remarks on the quality of the system or its interface,
please send a message to <webfly-seeding@firefly.net>

Alexander Chislenko <sasha1@netcom.com> www.lucifer.com/~sasha/home.html
Firefly Network, Inc.: <alexc@firefly.net> www.ffly.com 617-234-5452