Hypertext, Copyrights, and Royalty Distribution

Robin Hanson (hanson@hss.caltech.edu)
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 10:35:26 -0800 (PST)

my inner geek writes:
>Do any extropians know of any client/server solutions for royalty
>distribution in the age of "all digital media on demand?"
>See http://cnn.com/TECH/9612/04/internet.music.reut/index.html for a CNN
>blurb on the music industry's angle on the subject. ...
>Now would be a good time to present some solid ideas to industry for
>anyone who can articulate constructive win/win solutions to this

By the time an issue like this hits the big media, the big powers that
care have already organized their strategies, and aren't really
interesting in creative but untested suggestions from unknowns. The
time to present solid ideas is well before this stage. Robin