Re: Shooting room paradox

Peter C. McCluskey (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 08:21:47 -0800 (Hal Finney) writes:
>This represents a sort of reverse causality where events in the future
>can in effect influence the probability of events in the past. It relates
>to the issue of whether our existence here and now is influenced by the
>size of the human race in the far future.

I see no reverse causality. It is the rules of the shooting room and
the whatever laws of nature affect the life expectancy of intelligent
races cause the phenomena. The size of the future population is caused
by those rules.

>My personal opinion is that a random person in the room actually would
>see the dice roll as sixes, and that if I found myself in the room I
>would bet on the double sixes if someone offered me this option. What
>do you think?

I agree. But I doubt its relevance to our current situation, because
we appear to have a good deal of info suggesting we are not in a typical
situation for intelligent beings (although we might be in a typical
situation for wetware intelligence).

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