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Sun, 8 Dec 1996 23:30:13 +0100

>From time to time there has been speculations, both on the list and on some
websites, about how transhuman art will be. I'll just throw in my 2cents

To me art is a way to provoke thoughts and feelings that it would otherwise
be very difficult to convey with logic and sense. Far out ideas preesented
thru art seems to be more acceptable to most people. it's a great way to
spread memes.

This is not really what i want to talk about though. The thing is that i
can see some parallel developments that i would like to share.
Since '82 i have been playing techno music. As a natural consequence i have
studied that artform very closely. Also i am quite familliar with the
bussines side of it.

What happened in mid to late seventies was that a few bands, mainly
europeans, started to experiment with completely electronic music.
"Kraftwerk", "Jean Michell Jarre", to name a few. That started a period in
the beginning of the eighties with european techno music. "Depeche Mode",
"Soft cell", "DAF" etc. these bands all had a very electronic sound (my own
bands to.) In the mid to late eighties there was a counter reaction inside
the techno scene, where a lot of bands started to incorporate "natural"
instruments in their sound. Now in the mid nineties it seems that the
techno scene has found a level, where a few bands are playing purely
electronic music, a lot are playing hybrid music a some simply play rock'n
roll. So there is a very wide spectre of genres. Most of them seem to have
a mix of "natural" and electronic sounds.

As far as i can see this development is now taking place in the movie
industri. A computergenerated movie like toy story has been a hit. A lot of
companies are now working on movies made the same way. On the net there's
also a lot of things going on with individuals making movies/animations in
3D graphics. Soon there will be a plethora of 3D movies everywhere (you
ain't seen nothing yet.) The next thing that will happen is that there will
be movies that mixes 3D/2D computergraphics with real images. I don't talk
about the hollywood thing where a lot of Special effects are done on
computers and composited into the image, bur movies where it's obvious that
the computergraphics are computergraphics. It will be a new Techno movie
artform. Desktop movie productions.

It will probably be a good way to promote transhuman/extropian ideas, as
the audience for that kind of art probably will be some of the most
receptive for the memes.

Global underground distribution.
Another thing that happened with techno was that no big labels were
interrested in distibuting it. So a huge network of small independent (punk
inspired) record labels made a huge "underground" distribution network
between themself. The techno scene is now very global and it's become that
way in a distributed, chaotic self-organising way.
The same will probably happen with all of the underground
multimedia/desktopvideo etc.

Ace Of Base's 1. album cost 3000 dollars to record. It earned their
independent record company about $200 Mill over a 2 year period How's that
for a garage startup?

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