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James Rogers (
Sun, 08 Dec 1996 13:58:51 -0800

At 10:20 PM 12/7/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Beyond The Beyond...
> This is the deal. I've recently been getting into three-dimensional,
>interactive virtual world building, and am currently teaching myself how to
>combine VRML 2.0 and Java to that end. I was wondering if their are any
>transhumanist/extropian thinkers/visionaries/artists out their who would
>like to help design a transhumanist virtual space, similar to the BeyondMOO
>at but in interactive, textured 3D (using VRML 2.0 with
>behaviours, Java scripting,etc). I'm looking at this to be a fairly
>long-term process, but one I believe should be start as early as possible.

>[much snipping...]

I think this is a *great* idea. This is would be *very cool*!

I would be very much willing to get actively involved, since much of this
technology is right up my alley anyway. I am sure my skills will be useful
in setting this up.

Here is what I can offer to the project:

-Java development experience. I have significant experience developing Java
applications, both server-side and client-side.

-Data/Database integration and client/server back-ends. This will be very
critical for a project of this magnitude. This is the part of content-heavy
sites that no one sees, but is directly responsible for much of the dynamic
nature of sites. These types of technologies will also be necessary for a
solid and powerful multi-user environment. This is an area of personal
expertise. I have personally developed (and license) several cutting edge
technologies and techniques in this area to some of the largest software
companies. I would be more than happy to donate my techniques and knowledge
to this project.

-Anything Internet related. I have done more work and development on TCP/IP
related software and technologies than I care to remember.

-Project management skills. I have experience managing and coordinating
large, distributed projects of this nature. If you would like, I can help
coordinate the efforts.

There is also a significant probability that I could get a dedicated server
and dedicated T-1 range bandwidth for the project when it is ready to go
online for final release, but I can't guarantee this one at this point in time.

If nothing else, I think this would be fun (and educational!) project for us
to embark on.

-James Rogers