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Sun, 8 Dec 1996 12:17:50 -0700 (MST)

At 10:20 PM 12/7/96 -0800, Wade Cherrington wrote:
>Beyond The Beyond...
> This is the deal. I've recently been getting into three-dimensional,
>interactive virtual world building, and am currently teaching myself how to
>combine VRML 2.0 and Java to that end. I was wondering if their are any
>transhumanist/extropian thinkers/visionaries/artists out their who would
>like to help design a transhumanist virtual space,

I really like this idea a lot. I have imagined an Extropian virtual mockup
and am enthusiased to see at least aspects of it crystallize to a "liquid"

I think it is essential to multitrack when designing such an extropic space.

>Here are some ideas for possible "areas" or "locales"-
>- General background setting - cryogenic vaults, parkland walks, office

Office buildings are becoming antiquated. Future offices will be anywhere,
anytime. Designing a skyscraper office building probably will not be

>- Memetic Agora - Idea futures with interactive, 3D interface.
>- General meeting places - seaside/starside cafes, pavillions, forest clearings
>Transhumanist Art galleries - basically anywhere.

Another area that we will see falling by the wayside are art galleries or
museums, as known today. A museum could house a look at past cultures - art
history. Because art has been changing its "form," artefacts to hang on the
wall will not be the art of the future. Art such as 3-D images or
holograms, VR interfaces or liquid mobile sculptures will appear at anytime,

>Also have utility for
>users to add there
>own "rooms", or personal areas.

Good idea.

>- Lyceums - Forums for scheduled debate, discussion - (Picture
>realtime brain-tennis with customized avatars)

Great idea. I like this a lot.

>Yes, I realize a lot of this sounds ambitious, but basically the only areas
>that are holding us back are faster physical connections to Internet ...

Just start drafting an idea.

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