Re: Beyond The Beyond

Chris Hind (
Sat, 07 Dec 1996 23:25:44 -0800

>would be great, but so to would anyone with ideas about what to actually
>put in this world - themes, ideas, concepts and how to present them in an
>interesting and aethetically pleasing manner.

I'll get started on coming up with ideas for it.

>- General meeting places - seaside/starside cafes, pavillions, forest
>Transhumanist Art galleries - basically anywhere. Also have utility for
>users to add there
>own "rooms", or personal areas.

>- Institute of complexity - Place to explore all sorts of Java applets
>dealing with fractals, a-life, cellular automata, genetic algorithms,
>evolutionary artwork, l-systems, neural networks, etc.

Sit and watch the creatures in the a-life pool mutate and evolve.

>Anyways, just a few ideas of varying practicality and worth - anyone of
>these could take years to develop in full, technicolor detail. But if we
>start off with the seeds of each, and just
>have all sorts of people keep adding,adding, adding - it could all
>come together into something quite formidable (That is if the
>server doesn't crash long before - a good idea would be to eventually split
>up initial world into subworlds that reside on different servers).

Each personal space could be on their ISP's personal website space. This is
the exact reason why I said before that we should begin writing the
descriptions of the virtual worlds we'd like to live in. Eventually this
simple VRML world will evolve into our uploaded living realm and we will be
able to sit around and remember the days when we first designed the world
on pathetic low-speed computers and how structures in the world have
evolved since.

>Yes, I realize a lot of this sounds ambitious, but basically the only areas
>that are holding us back are faster physical connections to Internet,
>fleshing out multi-user VRML, and development of autonomous agents. But with
>the rapid rate of development (Moore's Law), I expect to see 3D worlds
>become "cool places to be" as early as a year or two from now.

Hey you may be right on the money. US Robotics is releasing the new X2
56kbps modem which recieves data at 56kbps Jan 97.

>Which leaves a lot of time to develop our worlds offline.
>(Basically it's a win/win - the longer it takes for
>the 3D Web revolution to happen, the longer it gives
>us to perfect our creations. If it happens earlier,
>we can just add areas piecemeal.)


>So if any of this grabs your fancy, just e-mail me. I'm hoping
>to have a sample world up when I put up my web-page in a month or so.

Great! Allow users to download it for offline viewing too so more people
can see it.