Re: Trans- vs. Non-human
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 02:18:52 -0500

Eugene Leitl:
>"Better" is an observer-dependent metric. Being human encompasses a lot
of traits, not all of them positive. You should list some of them up,
then checking whether all extropians would agree.

Ok, here we go again, this black and white vs. totally
subjective thing. Better (as used here) is not:
1. totally up for subjective "grabs'- a value that cannot
be measured
( even worse)
2. Some tribal consensus or a thing that exists purely
by mass agreement on what is best for the "society".

These are OLD old ethical questions and the transhuman extropian still has to
grapple with them. I back Steve
in his argument that there *are* better human qualities (objectively) and
that trans-humanity can & should opt to
keep and enhance/elaborate on them, while eliminating as much as possible
those which are not so "better"...
; - ).