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} Subject: "AFUTD"

} Could somebody explain the title to me?

I don't know if it was a reference from something literary. But "the
Deep" in English often refers to the depths of the oceans; by extension
deep (far out) space; in this case the Beyond and its Bottom. Picture
the ocean, preferably at night so it's dark; then a great conflagration,
starting at the seafloor, then sweeping up through the volume. To me it
is a dramatic image. You could have the fire start at the top, too;
perhaps looking from the bottom, and seeing the fire of the Blight
burning the High Beyond and extending down.

I suppose one could attempt to link 'fire' to intelligence and reverse
the metaphor, but I'm feeling destructive these days. *WHOOMPH*.

Any other ideas?

Merry part,
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