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>I agree with Max's general point here, and in fact I wonder if there
>shouldn't be something about critical thinking and skepticism added
>to the Extropian Principles. It's great to be optimistic, energetic,
>and future oriented, but at the same time you have to be very careful
>that you don't get sucked into some seductive but misleading ideas.

An interesting resource I came across a few months ago is the Foundation for
Critical Thinking, based in Santa Rosa. Their website is

I ordered a book they publish called _Critical Thinking: What Every Person
Needs to Know to Survive in a Rapidly Changing World_ -- sounds like a
Singularity survival guide ;-> -- by Dr. Richard Paul, apparently one of the
key members of the organisation. It's quite good, though as basically a
collection of previously-published academic papers there's a fair amount of
repetition in it. Paul really lays into the traditional North American K-12
education system, so his target audience appears to be teachers and other
educators. Worth reading, though.
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