Tue, 3 Dec 1996 03:50:20 -0500

>>Ummm, nope. I'm only acting this way because I don't see anybody doing
anything! Do something and I'll calm down.

Some how I think you missed the point.
Calming you down is not a priority of mine. Nor anyone else who objects to
your idea of your "media attack".
>From that comment it is even MORE obvious you still havent done that
"homework" I suggested.
FYI - There are definitely people "doing".
You simply haven't bothered to find out what or who.
I wasn't attacking you Chris. I merely state that you are new. This "lack"
you percieve in others, without first looking into the reality of Extropians
you barely know, exposes that you don't research and think before you speak.

Now come on, sit back, relax, close your mouth and listen. You might learn