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Mon, 02 Dec 1996 18:44:32 -0800

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>On 01/12/96, Chris Hind wrote:
>>Using this we can find the points of power across the planet and plan a
>>media attack strategy. Spread the memes as far as possible!
> For Christ's sake Chris! Did you not read my "Paradise In A
>Paradox" post? Any kind of 'attack' be it through media or brainwashing
>is still an attack. If we are to carry out the meme spreading in the way
>that (it seems) you intend, we'll either have people totally exposed to
>extropy, or minions --I don't think we want that now do we? It's like
>throwing a Bible in someone's face and saying "if you don't read this,
>you'll be struck dead by God." I prefer libertarianism over a dictatorship
>domination, thank you. Don't take this as a flame --it's not-- but it looks
>more like brainwashing if you do it this way. Your post has undertones of
>"youd better conform to *our* ways because *we* are right". No. Extropy is
>not God, and entropy is not the Devil. Extropy is no religion, and should
>not be viewed as one. Take my "Paradise In A Paradox" out of the trash if
>you want to see my views and possible solutions.

WOW, you took me ALL wrong. All I want to do is organize the extropians
into groups of people across the country or world that actually do
something that are more motivated than to sit on their asses discussing
until the thread downward spirals into semantics. I'm not planning a
dictatorship! But what I AM saying is that these groups of individuals
would get together and consider who to aim for to spread the most media
attention. Lets say you know someone who knows someone with alot of media
focus such as a celebrity or other figurehead such as cybercelebrities like
Andressen. You should attempt to explain the issues to them and see what
they think. You may get some supporters with wide media focus. Television
broadcast is one of the best ways to spread memes. This meme spreading
technique has been time tested to work. We don't want to spread it like a
religion just get people familiar with optimism primarily and future tech.