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<< But even the good ideas are
just yakking, in the sense that they are forgotten after a few weeks.
Everything on the list disappears into a void. >>

Everything good, that I think I can use in the future, goes into one of
several disks labeled:

1. Autobiography
2. Science Fiction Story Ideas
3. Philosophy and Intellectual Book Research
4. HACCP Validations Marketing
5. HACCP Archives
6. Public Speaking Notes

If I can contribute, I answer with my own E-mail, if not: It is deleted.
Even chatting (yakking) is a form of brain-storming (to me). 99.9% for
brain-storming is culled out and 0.1% survives. I use these ideas.

I call it "mining" information. Mining is hard work, but worth it.
(just ask a gold miner). ;-)


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December 2, 1996
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