Re: FYI: MEDIA & Greenpeace

James Rogers (
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 15:17:49 -0800

At 01:24 PM 12/2/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Here's a forwarded post from the gentec mailing list. This is
>interesting in the context of "Media Attacks" and transhumanist ideas.
>I can't help but wonder what kind of "guerilla tactics" will be employed
>in the years ahead, as (trans)humans begin more overt bio-engineering.
> Greenpeace has complied with all of the court orders but said its
> campaign would continue. Greenpeace believes genetically
> engineered organisms pose a serious risk to the environment, human
> health and the future health of the U.S farm economy.

I don't get it. Greenpeace claims that genetically engineered foods are a
big risk to humans yada yada ya, but nowhere do they site specific risks to
humans. I went to there site and read their stuff on the evils of genetic
engineering and I was unimpressed. Seems more reactionary than anything.
Properly applied and tested genetic engineering can offer a wealth of
benefits to humanity.

I would think they would be in favor of it. Fewer pesticides, more
efficient usage of farmland, and a cleaner ecosystem all seem to me to be
Greenpeace type goals.

Go figure...

-James Rogers