Mon, 2 Dec 1996 12:59:18 -0500

>But even the good ideas are
just yakking, in the sense that they are forgotten after a few weeks.
Everything on the list disappears into a void.

I usually dont comment on list noise, since
diuscussing it IS list
noise, IMHO.
But Lyle has a good.point.

The list is not a total YAK factory, DOES provide references for thoughtful
(Like the URLs on digitial imaging and science factoids
from Eugene, Cryonics updates, techofetish fwds,
Natasha's art quotes- and Anders' diversity is
really quite asounding! And of course everyone has
their own brand of personality and knowledge-although
he is brilliant too, sometimes John Clark makes me
laugh out loud!)

But a lot of it is really just as Lyle said,a cycle, with
new people, who dont read about transhumanism, or
even visit Extropy webpage, or read the back issues
or FAQs- asking "What's Dynamic Optimism? Are you Extropians really into
this cryonics??
hey, WHO IS this FM2030 ; -)?

Is this worthwile time spent? Patiently....
Or is time better spent working? Researching? Building and creating? Having

Lyle is right!... how can you filter?
Some names I know are noise 99%.
But some people consider me 'noise' too, I am sure.
Some of the "chatter" is very useful to me, some of
LYLE'S chatter even. It is good to have the diversity
-like the impossible Singularity theory.
But then, one man YAK is another man's theorem...