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Kennita Watson (
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 19:32:01 -0800

Michael Lorrey writes:
>this list is not just a caffe clatch for armchair philosphers

Gotta give you credit for trying -- it's "kaffeeklatsch" (no,
I didn't have to look it up). BTW, that's what it seems to me
to be most of the time, but I'm fine with that. I have a "D"
key for when it gets too deep (either philosophically,
technically, or rhetorically). I can certainly see how anybody
who's on more than one mailing list with such volume might be
more picky, though.

Having done what I think I can for Eliezer for the nonce (read,
until I see a sample letter), and having nothing intelligent to
say about vector analysis or conservation of energy/momentum, I
think I'll go back to semi-lurker status for a while.


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