Re: Extropian Form Letter (was: an exhortation to action)

Damien Broderick (
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 11:51:16 +1000

At 11:40 PM 11/30/96 -0600, Eliezer wrote:

>> 3. Defines "Singularity."
> Having a snappy name and a simple definition is a memetic advantage.

It might be worth bearing in mind that my forthcoming book on the
Singularity (I'm about halfway into it just now, and accelerating
exponentially) is called THE SPIKE. While I certainly also use Vinge's term
a lot, my own is shorter and easier for the non-physicist/mathematician to
grasp (I believe).

Since my book will be one of the first to hit a general audience with these
ideas - and both I and my publisher hope it'll reach a *huge* audience -
this neologism might start to take off as well. You heard it here first,
folks: the Spike.

Damien Broderick