Re: Teenage Extropians ( WAS: MORE ON THE FIGHT..
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 12:38:39 -0500

Eliezer, in response to
Chris Hind:
> if christianity considers science satan than
> we could revel in the fact that we're satan worshippers!

(snip) >We'd - no, you'd - lose
>all credibility, firmly establish your credentials as a >teenage-class
>rebellious challenger of the Establishment, and completely >confuse the
>issue so that you wind up being taken down with the >apocalyptic loons.

This was an interesting post and brought something to my attention.
Satan is popular because of the religious right.
Marilyn Manson, who has"come out" against the
religious right -attracted gobs of teens.
He is a huge Deathist Entropian, but a hell of a lot of fun.
** But he sells a LOT of records.
Eli is right. You can't fight a stupid meme with an even stupider one,
because people are too stupid to know the difference.

However, on refelection, I began to wonder, is there an Extropian
"generation" gap in the making here?
My hypothesis is that most people turned on to Philosophy
(YES, Extropy *is* a philosophy) are very young.
If not teenage years then usually early college.
I also think that people who are raised in the new wave
and beyond will be more open to the memes. They will have grown up with
silicon in the veins, so to speak.

They will be looking to rebel against their New Age, Hippy/Liberal parents
too, I bet ; - ).

Max has now been in Wired, "Synthetic Pleasures" etc:
Recently "we" may appear in Time mag.
This can only bring in more people, some may indeed
be (as u say) of "teen-age class".

Even if teenagers of TODAY aren't charmed by the
Singularity, they will be in years to come as Extropy
grows in the public eye.
Should they not be?

At this point Extropians are: as the Cyberpunk handbook
(R.U. Sirius) says: "... a tiny minority so we can taunt
them at will.."

But what may happen as new blood comes in that isn't over forty, over
thirty,over twenty, not quite mature intellectuals..
Younger than Chris? A generation or two younger than Chris?