Re: My new site

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 03:36:43 -0500


Thanks again for all the input on my website.

As for the problem with the link settings (that nasty neon blue on the
wood background), they are all custom set to a red for unused and dark
tan for used, which should be a little darker than the light tan text.
If any of you are still getting that blue color (which IS annoying, I
just saw it this eve on my sister's machine), it is due to your browser
imposing its own default settings on incoming links. You can fix this by
going to the General Preferences section of the Options menu on your
browser and changing the settings to allow incoming pages to choose
their own colors.

If anyone still gets that nasty blue color on my links, please let me
know so I can investigate further.

Thanks to Chris Hind and Natasha More for putting up links to my site
in reciprocation for my links to them. If anyone else would like
similar mutual links please let me know.

I now have music on all pages, courtesy LiveUpdate's Crescendo plug-in
(shameless commercial plug), which I recommend anyone who would like
music with their pages to get via the links on my front page. My music
is currently only available to Netscape users with the plugin. Explorer
users will be able to enjoy it next week or so, when I change the

I'll have the MONEA (My Own Nuclear Espionage Agency) area finished this
week, with registration available to all would be agents.


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