Chris Hind (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 23:30:56 -0800

>There are several groups in existence who propose similar ideas, an
>extreme offshoot of the environmentalist arm of the neo-Luddites, and
>they are quite serious in their intentions (tho I cannot speak
>specifically about this group). The moderate version of these ideas can
>be found in the Zero-Growth movement and in some of Planned
>Parenthood's releases.
>Sad that they have chosen to end human existence rather than to tap
>our unlimited potential for change and growth.

HAHAHAHA, who cares? What losers! The pleasure of copulating has far more
memetic power than a stupid little motive. Their meme is _really_ weak,
almost nonexistent. They're OBVIOUSLY a _blatant_ deadend evolutionary
path. Why should we feel sorry for blatant stupidity?