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Chris Hind (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 02:27:28 -0800

>That's exactly what hypothermia does. Continuing the hypothermia to low
>enough temperatures slow all biological processes so much that
>"hibernation" without decay for 100's of years is possible. If the organism
>can be cooled to such temperatures without ice crystallization (a process
>called vitrification) then no damage to the organism whatsoever occurs.

Why can't they freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw like a domestic freezer?

>I read a big article in Discover Magazine years ago (mid 80s) by a
>doctor who had gone on a house call early in his career. When he got
>there, he took care of the patient, then noticed a rather still
>individual in a chair. "oh thats just grandpa" they said. He had a pulse
>of one or two beats a minute. According to the family he had been this
>way for a decade or so. Upon thyroid treatment, he was brought back to
>normal metabolic rates, only to find that he was terminal with a large
>tumor that had also been dormant during that period....

Sounds like a twilight zone plot twist to me!