A Boot In The Rear (was Nanotechnology..

Paul Wakfer (70023.3041@CompuServe.COM)
29 Nov 96 19:12:13 EST

Ahh! Very good. I glad to see that we're now into talking about action and
doing something to actually cause our desires to happen, instead of all
this mental masturbation and copulation.

So maybe this is the time to again bring up the subject of making sure that
we are all still around to see those dreams come true. Most of you profess
to embrace the ideas of cryonics. But surely you know that cryonics is very
problematic at this time for many reasons. The damage that is being done
during even the best cryopreservations may be completely obliterating
memory and other precious mental attributes. We have no proof that it is
not. And the movement is so small that it may not have the power to get you
safely through to future restoration. What we need is a proven method of
supended animation which is clearly demonstrated to work and by doing so
will increase the size and power of the cryonics and potential immortality
movement. The science of cryobiology has now advanced to the stage where
this goal is realistically feasible with relatively small funding.

That is the goal of the Prometheus Project of which I am the founder and
chief promoter. Several members of this list have already made pledges to
fund this Project to conduct the R&D necessary to achieve fully reverisible
whole-body human suspended animation within 20 years. You can find out who
they are by looking at:


No money is being requested now; all pledges are conditional upon the full
amount of $1 million per year being pledged and upon approval of the
science and business plans. The pledges are for the purchase of shares in a
for-profit corporation which will be formed to execute the Project. If you
cannot afford to pledge the minimum of $1000 per year, you could find
someone else and do so jointly. In addition, I need help from people with
good ideas, and the energy to implement them, in promoting this project.

-- Paul -- Phone: 416-968-6291 Pager: 800-805-2870


Check out the Prometheus Project web site at URL: