Re: Nanotechnology: Just the beginning

Chris Hind (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 01:13:30 -0800

>> HAHAHAHAHA, Oh yeah. This is optimistic!
>I'm not sure quite what you meant by that, but really, the whole thread
>was the last straw. Can't you guys just walk out and do something? Are
>you going to be struck by lightning if you look up his email and send
>him some?

Actually I was in the process of it although I was composing the email so
that it sounded highly professional and as non-scifi as possible.

>For crying out loud, what's the worst that can happen? He's
>not going to send out hit squads. I have to deal with this kind of
>insecurity and inaction in myself and I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH
>IT IN ANYONE ELSE. You guys have mental energy to burn and you're
>sitting around doing less than I am.

Where are you getting this information from? What gives you the impression
that everyone on this list sits on their thumb and reads email without
doing anything? I'm still considering the trekkie booth.

>Can't I even get a rise out of you people? Do you think you're going to
>get to the Singularity by sitting around and doing nothing? Someday I
>may want minions or advice or even constructive criticism, and I'm not
>getting it. I've gotten more constructive criticism from my
>technophobic grandparents.

Many of the people on this list are critics leaning heavily on cynics which
is _very bad_. Perhaps its due to attracting people to the mailinglist
where the internet is the land of cheapskates where noone wants to pay for
anything. We must prevent ourselves from the entropy of internet couch
potatoism. I'm even considering bikeing
down to Marina Del Rey to go to the extropian dinner meeting because I
don't currently have decent transportation. I'm hoping my schoolwork won't
get in the way. Can I get a carpool from anyone further south than I?

>You're Extropians. Say something new! I haven't heard anything new on
>this list that wasn't quoted from an article. Where's the new ideas? I
>live off of new ideas. New ideas are all that's important because it is
>new ideas that cause technological progress.

Uhhh, I give new ideas. Just take a look at the archives. I seem to create
many of the new threads.

>There is a time for for talking, a time for planning, and a time to just
>go out and do something. The time for talking was over when the first
>computer was switched on. The time for talking was over when it became
>possible to find out the Meaning of Life by building superintelligences
>instead of philosophizing. Now is the time for serious, practical
>plans, and occasionally the time for action. Soon the edge of the
>Singularity will be in full bloom, perhaps before the next summer. By
>that time you'd damn well better have all our plans in place because the
>instant it becomes possible, I am going to go out and do something!

Damn! I like this guy! Practical, Positive, with a driving force behind
him. Perhaps I could contact you over the phone! Send me private email.

>You think Marc Andreessen would be a valuable recruit? Send him email.
>Send him a letter. Plan it, design it, or just go out and DO it. Don't
>talk about it. ONE POST saying that he'd be a valuable recruit is ALL
>that's necessary in the way of talk. After that, start discussing
>practical aspects of the letter ("Should we stress the Singularity, the
>Extropian culture, or that philosophical question he couldn't answer?"),
>or else just send the damn thing.

If we don't go out and do something we'll discuss it forever and it will
eventually entropize into a big semantical discussion which we all agree is

>> The question is how do we get to him? Anyone know ANY POSSIBLE way of
>> contacting him? Does anyone have his email and does he actually read it?
>A practical question! Unfortunately, it's fairly clear that nobody
>tried to look him up via Alta Vista. "Does he actually read it?" No,
>maybe a secretary does. But I'm sure someone reads it. If that
>doesn't work we can corner him at a convention.

If I may speak for the group as a whole: Take action NOW! Do WHATEVER YOU
CAN! Grab society by the HUGE GIRTHY BALLS! Anyone wanting to take action
now send me private email and we'll setup something!