Re: My new site
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 23:23:54 -5

Michael Lorrey said in response to my criticism of his invention:
> > I was expecting this sort of response from many.
Eliezer Yudkowski replied:
> Ah! The persecution complex begins! If you were expecting this, why
> did you say anything before you had any experimental evidence?

Indeed. My "expected" response would have been entirely different
had Mr. Lorrey not presented his idea such that it has all appearance
of being just another variant of the Dean Drive, which has all the
credibility of a perpetual motion machine.

To Michael Lorrey:

If you don't want to make yourself look like a crackpot, but are
unwilling to reveal a critical detail without which your idea
appears as pure quackery, then you should refain from revealing
anything about it until you have the proper legal protection (i.e.
patents) and are ready to disclose enough information to show how it
might get around it's apparent fatal flaws. I suggest that you read
your own description of it while attempting to maintain the point of
view of someone who does not know the critical secret ingredient.
Would you not find the concept highly suspicious from that


Peace, William Kitchen