Re: My new site

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 23:13:29 -0500

Chris Hind wrote:
> >Net change in momentum: -5 + 20 + -5 + -10 = *0*.
> >
> >It does not work. It will not go. Sorry, Mike.
> >
> >Trust me, I know how you feel - I, too, had a cherished Great Idea, but
> >luckily found the flaw *before* it was published.
> Defend it Mike. Don't let one opinion get you down. Perhaps there is
> someone else to give another opinion?

He just proved that my system didn't violate conservation of momentum.
He did not show that there was not thrust produced, because he used the
wrong equation. The sticking point is the mechanism for putting energy
into the sytem that will not act as an opposite reaction to the
centrifugal force extracted as thrust. I have it, and thats my


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