Re: The All-Purpose Nanite (was Re: "Cyberpower" and futur)

Chris Hind (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 10:58:36 -0800

>1) If the research is done in secret, this substantially increases the
>probability of a gray-goo or nano-dictatorship world.

True, we just hope it doesn't come to that. Perhaps this is where the Great
Filter comes in.

>2) Every hour the research is delayed, another six thousand people
>die. Most of these deaths, unlike all those prior to the twentieth
>century, are not merely *premature* but *unnecessary*.

If they don't utilize the current cryonics, it's not my problem, it's their
fault. Besides most of those people don't want to live longer than their
normal lifespans anyways due to religious beliefs.

>3) Do you have any idea how many people would die in nanowar?

Depends. If the secret gets out like the atomic bomb did then many people
would suddenly have nano as well as nano protection so it would equalize
the effect. Perhaps then only 3rd worlds would be fighting with nano while
the more responsible larger countries would use it as often as they use the
atomic bomb which is fairly rare.

>4) Do you really want a nanowar?

>5) Do you want billions of innocents to die because you were careless?
>6) I thought not.
>7) So just be careful, okay?

They've likely already got people working on it and we just have to get to
it first. But I highly doubt a UN ban on all nano research would take place.