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Grahame, Bob D. (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 18:12:56 -0500

The description of the drive sounds wrong to me, although I appreciate
there may be more to it.
Given what you say, there *would* be excess "centrifugal force" pushing
towards the side of the highest velocity. But the force doing the
accelerating of the masses would cause a reaction equal to this, and
would in the opposite direction. Having a rotating frame of reference
only makes the maths harder.

I'd like to be wrong but I've seen Laithwaite, Hayasaka (sp?) and at
least one other make similar devices, all of which failed when tested
away from their original rigs. Measured forces proved to be due to
friction, erratic vibration and in one case, the exhaust from the model
aeroplane engine powering the prototype. :-)

I know you won't have made that basic a mistake, but you're up against a
*very* hard problem here, at the very least.

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