Re: Peer Economics
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 12:06:19 -0500

> high-paying offers for their work. Of course, they could always hire
> to teach them how to improve their skills and become a more excellent
> and thus improve their financial situation.

Max"M" ( the denmark one)
>How would they pay when they have a bad income (catch 22?)

This is always the *percieved* catch, and being resourceful is the key.
Speaking only from my on personal experince, I have focused on living
off art and just art for 8 yrs and hence, havent taken any "day jobs"
resulting in a lower than usual income. (very worth it IMO)

When I decided to change my economic bracket re: art digital, I
offerred my intense skills at drawing and design in return for intense
training in computers. After many bogus sidetrips, I got a good offer.
Today I am being trained and getting paid too. Plus perks.
Also- you can self teach.
Lifting Limitations,

"'s the only engine of survival" - Leonard Cohen