Mon, 25 Nov 1996 16:56:24 -0500

QueeneMUSE writes,

> I get a lot of lunches and dinners free, and it is the
> great pleasure of those who dine with me to provide them.
> And I am happy to do the same for anyone who is very fun to talk to.
> Or very pretty to look at, for that matter ; - )

>Now wait a minute... who was telling us about sexism?


I was not telling you ABOUT sexism, I was commenting on your yours, at that
moment. If you must know I am not politically correct at all.

Who said I wanted to have sex with those pretty people? I was talking about
eating food with them and enjoying looking at them...

Asethetics are my cup of tea, FYI

I certainly wouldnt require payment in sexual favors at the end of the
night... the meal then *wouldnt* be free, now would it?

( Oh, and... BTW- What does being pretty have to do with sex? Ugly people are
good at sex too... at least some are. They may even enjoy it, who knows? ; -

THis iS More BaBbLe, IMHO