Re: Something you 'said'
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 12:57:12 -0500

>Wasn't it Heinlein who coined it? IMHO it is often used a bit entropically.

I was thinking about this too.
1. Entropians love to
propigate a "lack" mentality, for without the sense of hopelessness - it is
harder to impose limits on people.

2. I get a lot of lunches and dinners free, and it is the
great pleasure of those who dine with me to provide them.
And I am happy to do the same for anyone who is very fun to talk to. Or very
pretty to look at, for that matter ; - )
Now this doesnt mean that you should freeload or we need to abandon the
notion that trading and exchange should and can be beneficial to both
parties, but the negativity behind these little sayings can be subconsciously

3. Life is full of thess little catch phases-homilies, old
wives tales, fables.... a meme, a myth...
the benefit would be, parents and elders can tell us our
limits, try to warn us, I guess...
But I avoid them all, and even try to avoid repetitious,
obviously pat, thoughts of my *own*. If I have decided
"it is so", and invented a little mental script, I am probably atrophy
There are to many NEW patterns to explore to get stuck
on old ones.

LL (lifting limitations)