Uploading species' (was Transforming Ourselves)

Crosby_M (CrosbyM@po1.cpi.bls.gov)
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 12:04:56 -0500

E. Y. Why wouldn't They [Infinite Powers] upload us?

Eugene: Why should one upload bacteria?

QueeneMUSE: We do it every time we breathe.

Mark: A beautiful response [snip of lengthy, intoxicated expansion on the
general semantics of breathing, which basically boiled down to inhaling /
aah!, exhaling / phew! and inspiring / hmmm!]

Seriously, 11/16/96 Science News reports:
<bacteria known as Wolbachia ... populates cells in the testes and ovaries
of anthropods, often profoundly altering the reproduction of their hosts.
In some species, infected males can generate offspring only if they mate
with infected females. In others, infected females give birth without the
need for the opposite sex.>

Mark Crosby