Re: "Star Trek: First Contact" Technical Questions

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 01:12:44 -0500 wrote:
> xxAlso has anyone ever thought of putting together an
> organization that would show up at trekkie conventions and create a fund to
> pump into R&D for space travel?
> Hey! ...not a bad idea. kind of like the cryogenics people going to the sci
> fi cons. When I went to that it didnt seem like they had much success at it.
> Do think it would work? ready to put in the hours?
> How much is one of thoese booths? What would you sell, or would you just ask
> for free money?
> you could sell Extropy, take donations, and if you also some kind of widget
> you could maybe make a profit too...

Tell you what, I'll have my Lorrey Drive prototype finished definitely
by the next WorldCon, so if Extropy wants to jump in, I'll lend the demo
unit as a OOOOOOH WOW attractor. Booths are typically between $750-2000
for a 10x10 space, plus fees for props power etc.


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