Re: Nutra-Tumors

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 03:39:47 -0500

Chris Hind wrote:
> >The FDA claims the amount is less than eating a banana, which also contains
> >methanol. They will probably be asked to substantiate that statement.
> Blindness by bananas?
> >BTW, do I use aspertame? I try to avoid it. It's not hard since I
> >_can't_stand_ the flavor.
> I agree, i don't like the taste anyways.
> >I've been avoiding it since it first came out. I had a tall glass of the
> >new diet Coke with aspartame when it first hit the stores. I couldn't
> >sleep for three days (man what a headache after 72 hours!!).
> >
> >Turns out that some people have allergies to aspartame...
> Sure it wasn't just a placebo effect? All the paranoia put on by the media
> when it first debut was enough to make anyone paranoid enough not to drink
> any of it. Are you actually allergic or merely under a placebo effect and
> was temporarily under a media-induced hypochondria?

No I haddn't heard any negative stuff. I though it was gonna be the
greatest stuff on earth. Besides, 3 days is a little bit beyond what
even a placebo effect could do, and I've never been a hypochondriac (ow
that hurts!)


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